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Hello all! My name is Sarah. I welcome you to take a journey into my world. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. It is a physical disability which was caused by lack of oxygen to my brain when I was born, resulting in brain damage to the parts of my brain that relate to my balance and muscle coordination. I know that was quite a mouthful but basically I have an impaired sense of balance and my muscles are very tight all throughout my body. I spend a majority of my time using a manual wheelchair to get around because walking gets tiresome for me very quickly.

My aim and purpose for creating this blog is to openly discuss my life experiences as it relates to having a physical disability. We as a society have something very much in common, which is that we all have trials and tribulations in our lives that shape the person we are and will become. My goal is to shape this blog to be a place where that is discussed and brought to the attention of the world around me. People with disabilities deserve an equal playing field where they are seen as a person and afforded all the same opportunities as a person who does not have a disability. Rightfully so, one does not know how to make the world more inclusive unless it is brought to their attention. Through personal stories my hope is to bring that awareness to the forefront of society.

So come join me!